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Alexander Nizhniy – Meet the Green Fiddler

Maestro Alexander Nizhniy – a Modern Violin Master, Maker, Collector and Appraiser

Alexander Nizhniy: violin maestro and violin makerAlexander Nizhniy established Green Fiddle in 2001 as an international center for quality violins. We service professional and amateur violin performers from around the globe. Alexander Nizhniy is a violin maestro, violin master, and violin maker. His team consists of six award-winning specialists that include two hi-tech engineers, all working together to not only make violins of the greatest quality but also invent new manufacturing materials and methods that are sustainable, and ecologically friendly. This is a unique, modern approach to the art of making legacy string instruments while caring about the planet – violins that are stronger, less expensive, and perform more consistently as they respond less to changes in humidity and temperature.

Alex Nizhniy’s Clientele

Green Fiddle Violins logo - GreenFiddle.orgGreen Fiddle services violins and violinists in North America as well as abroad. Alexander Nizhniy and Green Fiddle are proud to offer string instruments manufactured in the United States of America and made of at least 90% American components, parts and materials – one hundred percent of the time. We don’t cut corners and don’t compromise: this is why our instruments look great, feel awesome and sound fantastic. We enjoy doing what we do: this is why our quality green violins have been played by leading violinists from North America, to Europe, to Asia, to Africa.

Instrument Types from Alex Nizhniy

We fabricate violins of all sizes – both acoustic and electric. Our youngest customer? So far a three-year-old from Asia! Our oldest? A 97-year-old violin veteran Brook Johnson from Florida – the man who sleeps with his violins and goes grocery shopping with them! Alexander Nizhniy and his team make instruments for every violin lover in the world.

How Alexander Nizhniy Made Green Fiddle: a Short History of

Green Fiddle ViolinsAlexander Nizhniy has played violin since the age of eight – that’s right after he learned to play piano, which he started at the age of just five! By the age of eleven, Alexander Nizhniy built a repertoire of over 30 concertos – from Komarovsky to Viotti, to Liszt. Alexander was less than thirteen years old when his immigrated to the United States, after which time he continued learning and performing professionally, but only after his parents made enough money to afford hiring a teacher.

Since the age of 16, Alexander Nizhniy has played with professional philharmonic and symphonic orchestras in the following cities, among others: Denver, Dallas, Seattle and Boston and has won a number of performing awards. In 2001, Alexander Nizhniy decided to dedicate his music career to making violins, which is when Green Fiddle was born. Today, Nizhniy is known as not only a great violinist and maker of exceptional string instruments, but also as a world music aficionado, connoisseur of music technologies and a civil rights activist.

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